We serve our community by helping people start a cannabis business or just learn about cannabis, news and products.

  • We help people find cannabis products to distribute
  • We help people create a web presence and markeing plan on the inetrnet.
  • We produce films for people about cannabis. Mostly YouTube type films good for Interviews, tours and products.
  • We are building a community center for Orange County and have investment oppertunities for people that wants to invest in a cannabis company.
  • We help people to grow that have a space to grow their legal limit of 6 plants. Under the new laws a person that has a place to grow can grow 6 plants we have volunteers that can start and maintain your garden on a crop sharing basis for people with the home or grow area.

We offer services so we can fund our organization so we can have a educational place in Orange County for cannabis learning.

Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation
ccc 250
Cannabis management system
Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking