In Orange,CA. we offer our cannabis or marijuana growing service.Orange Cannabis growing service

Orange is a city our volunteers services that helps local people grow their legal limit of 6 plants of cannabis or marijuana.

Our organization is a collective of people that love cannabis. We have members that help people near Anaheim and most of Orange County. Our collective by definition is an organization that merely facilitates the collaborative efforts of patient and caregiver members. We serve our community by helping people to grow that have a space to grow their legal limit of 6 plants. Our focus is small home growing.  We have information, news, articles and list of resources on our website.  By joining our collective you can get cannabis from local small growers that have extra that they have grown. We offer specials to medical use members of cannabis from locals that grow to help for people with medical needs also. Our goal is to connect members together so we can provide a means for facilitating or coordinating transactions between members. Our website or meetings gives people a place where they can learn about the new laws and how they apply to you. The website is interactive so members can connect or add information or reply to what other members have posted. There is a Buy, Sell or Trade section for members that are signed into the site. We are the most active meeting group on Meetup with 1 meetings a week. We have meetings on Sundays. Under the new laws a person that has a place to grow can grow 6 plants we have volunteers that can start and maintain your garden on a crop sharing basis for no cost or out of pocket expense to the person with the home or grow area. If you are a grower or someone that has space for a grow you can supply people in the collective as a volunteer.


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