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Indoor/Outdoors: THC Level: 20% or more - Plant Type: Sativa/Indica (60/40)

Indoor/Outdoors: THC Level: 20% or more - Plant Type: Sativa/Indica (60/40) Genetics: Indian x Brazilian Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks - Yield: 450 grams pm/2

The classic White Widow weed from Amsterdam, ever popular with experienced growers, won the High Times’ overall Cannabis Cup and the Bio Cup in 1995. It is a hybrid of 60 percent Brazilian Sativa and 40 percent Indian Indica strains. Created by Australian horticulturist Scott Blakey in the early 1990s, this weed has been a best seller in Dutch coffee shops for many years.

The smoke is initially uplifting, psychoactive and energetic, with couchlock ensuing later. White Widow weed has a spicy aroma with pine and skunk tones and a similar flavour that adds a slightly citrus aftertaste. THC content comes in at 20 percent and above. It’s popular with medical users looking for stress and anxiety relief, or simply relaxation.

When you see a mature plant you’ll understand the ‘white’ part of the name as the compact, pinecone-shaped buds feature a frosty, almost glittering coat of sticky THC crystals. The long, spiky green leaves grow on sturdy stems on a plant of medium height.

White Widow seeds grow well in controlled indoor conditions, flowering over around eight weeks. Grown with SCROG or SOG, the plant produces around 450 grams per square metre. In warm, sunny climates the plant can also grow outdoors, although experienced horticulturists prefer to grow this strain indoors.

If you’re looking for a dependable, easy-to-grow cannabis plant with a good yield of high-THC weed, White Widow seeds are an excellent choice. It owes its enduring popularity with growers and smokers to its potency and high yields.


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