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California Independence Campaign.

It is a long time to the next election. Bills and laws are presented prior to elections. Now is the time to organize. I ran across an idea of how to force the hand of the politicians to vote for change. It seems the cannabis industry is hindered by the federal laws. How can you pay federal income taxes and live up to the law if cannabis is still not legal federal. You can’t use banks and to live up to the local laws you have to document yourself and pay their fees. People in the business are at risk of the feds coming after them and their assets in a future date based on what they have made. It makes sense to support any laws that will bring change. You can help. The answer for the cannabis industry is to support The campaign for California independence or Calexit. The reason is the idea of California leaving would cause so much fear in the federal government they would have to make changes and listen to to wishes of the people. We are in a catch 22 situation and need a solution. Even if the was never passed the idea that it could happen could make government change laws in favor of what people want. Cannabis has become a force in bringing about change. We are working to help people realize the political power they have become. In California our home base 60% of the people voted to make it legal. The same type of person is interested making it legal nation wide or at lest not a schedule one drug. States have made it legal in some areas but to ensure the freedoms of people everywhere it needs the help of all people everywhere to take action. An America product that can bring attention to many problems that plague the world today.



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