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Plant Grow LED Light Kit, Indoor Herb Garden with Timer Function, 24V Low Voltage, Indoor Harvest Elite for Gourmet or Plant Enthusiasts, Rosemary, Lavender, Seed, Pod Ornamental Gift

  • Flexible Usage: 22 high-quality LED bulbs form a full-spectrum solar simulator, promoting the photosynthesis of most plants. Grow the plants as you like such as succulents, sweetgrass, mint, leavy vegetables, etc.
  • Stylish Decoration: With 4000K cool white glow, 850lm brightness and 95 ultra high CRI, plant under this light will be displayed vividly, makes an elegant decoration for your room or office.
  • Smart Timer: The light loops in the working mode of “16 hours on and 8 hours off”, imitating the normal routine of plants under natural condition. Grow your plants more healthily with lower consumption even nobody takes care of them.
  • Well Arranged Space: A size of 16.54”×11.42” ×5.43” may place several plants according to your needs. The plants during photosynthesis produce negative oxygen ions which are beneficial for your health, suitable for kitchens, offices, living rooms, etc.
  • Safe and Convenience: No needs for screws, easy to install. Durable plastic material won’t be affected by water, keep its elegant appearance. UL listed power adapter for safety .
  • This light is an excellent gift, both for plant enthusiasts and epicures and kids who want to know about the process of plants growth! It’s simulated sunlight with enough special wavelength which promote photosynthesis for plants. High CRI 95+, 850lm high brightness light, and 4000K neutral white; Not only highlights the bright colors and vitality of plants, but also make your interior space more creative with her elegant appearance. Meanwhile, negative oxygen ions produced by plants improve indoor air quality, which is beneficial for your health. Well-balanced quality chips glows 850lm cool white light without dead angle.


    The start-up time will take about 1 second. It is a normal phenomenon due to the circuit structure. Non-dimmable and do NOT refit the dimmer.
    The distance between the top end of plants and the panel of LED light should be over 1.96 inches.
    The product can automatically sustain a “16hrs on and 8hrs off” model whenever you turn it on, and could be manually shut down with the rocker switch


    Voltage: 100-240V
    Wattage: 14W
    Working temperature: -4℉-104℉
    Beam angle: 110°
    Luminous flux: 850 lumens
    PPF: 14 µmol/s
    PFFD: 0.33ft--285µmol/s/m2

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