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Jorge Cervantes

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Get the book it's a great invetment

If you want to learn to grow.  You can buy this book almost anywhere books are sold.

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

  • I have been an enormous fan of Jorge Cervantes for a very, very long time. I have read a lot of his works, and when I was a grower, I incorporated a lot of his advice into my gardens. He released a video yesterday that is a step by step grow guide for beginners. If you are a rookie grower, this is a great video to watch and learn from. Even if you are an experienced grower,
  • Excellent book for anyone in the health care service industry, to become familar with medical marijuana, all facets of it, and best to have the Jorge Cervantes beginners guide and the Jorge Cervantes encyclopedia, I decided to buy all three as my first books on this fascinating aspect of health care that is becoming more and more prevalent across the USA and the world as an acceptable supplement to a more healthful living. The book is very well put together, I am impressed with the structure of the book, and all the information that is

  • I have everything I need to know right in front of me inside a beautiful book without having to look at tons of different other books and web pages to find the same information. I am also impressed with the color coded organization, quality of the print and pictures, and overall flawless writing of the book.
  • I'm only 1/4th through it and jumped to a section or chapter I need at the moment and figured out my problem and am in the process of fixing it as I type this. I have another book that was a little advanced and short with many common growing tips. Not this book it's a very understandable read and solution resolver imo. 4 stars because I thought it could have had better pics on some problem solving like nutrient overdoses as apposed to nutrient lockout and root rot but good enough in detailed description unlike my other grow guide. Best I've read yet.
  • Finally a book that gives clear instructions, details, pictures. It almost like a text book. Very clear pictures, diagrams, comparisons. VERY HAPPY. I was getting upset with the "copy&paste" articles and information on the web. Although it doesn't have anything on led lights im very pleased with this book.
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