We help people grow. We serve our community by helping people to grow that have a space to grow their legal limit of 6 plants.

Under the new laws a person that has a place to grow can grow 6 plants we have volunteers that can start and maintain your garden on a crop sharing basis for no cost or out of pocket expense to the person with the home or grow area. If you are a grower or someone that has space for a grow you can supply people in the collective as a volunteer. We are doing this so we can fund our organization so we can have a educational place in Orange County for learning. People need a place they can learn about growing cannabis. You can have a compete grow going on. We deliver it and can help you install it. 

If you need a grow consultant contact a volunteer can come take a look at your grow space and help you order supplies, install equipment or help maintain your garden. Use the contact form to get started.

Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation
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Cannabis management system
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