Our Cannabis Love Network organization and Marijuana Growers a collective of people that love cannabis. Our collective by definition is an organization that merely facilitates the collaborative efforts of patient and caregiver members. We are trying to offer FREE cannabis and raise money to help people with medical problems that do not have proper medication to treat terminal medical needs and want to try cannabis.  People that are senior citizens and and anyone with life threatening diseases. Seniors should know that cannabis is one of the most effective drug there is to prevent or treat alzheimer disease or side effects from cancer treatments. A lot of seniors do not have money for treatments so we are planning to create an educational place in Orange County where people can learn about cannabis and offer FREE cannabis to ones that qualify. Our group has built the cannabis management system. This was made by our members for people that want to start a cannabis business. Our group also is interested in the millennium generation to help them learn and create opportunities for them start a business. We now have job opportunities for the millennium’s and others interested in our organization. Cannabis Love Network Our goal is to serve our community by helping people to grow that have a space to grow their legal limit of 6 plants. Our focus is small home growing and business development. California Marijuana Growers Association

Cannabis Love Network Collective

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      Volunteers have from our group has help to develop our website it is made with the  cannabis management system. This will give you an idea of how powerful the system is. It allows you to create on your website any kind of content, information, news, articles or resources just like on our organization website. Our website is the heart of our organization. 24/7 you can use our website, made by some volunteers to learn and interact with members. Not all members are from Orange County some are growers and other people in other parts of the state of California and may not attend the meetings but participate on our website. We are now starting a video program so we will be filming and distributing videos. Our volunteers have made some videos of local clinics and interviews with cannabis people with something to say. We do videos to get free cannabis from growers for people for their medical problems that are challenging for free are for sponsor pricing.  Check the forum and interact with members to find out more. It is time for people to come out of their closets and unite to help each other and benefit their local communities. Connecting people with their needs can help all members.

     Marijuana Growers Association When you consider that cannabis grown here creates jobs and revenue it is a boom for your local economy. Our group is looking at economic possibilities and solutions for its members and helping them achieve their goals. The group is growing based on the members needs. Our cannabis organization can be a way to create revenue for charitable causes and other health and wellness needs of people. We have a Meetup once  a week on Sundays.
Under the new laws a person that has a place to grow can grow 6 plants we have volunteers that can start and maintain your garden on a crop sharing basis to people with a home or grow area. If you are a grower or someone that has space for a grow you can supply people in the collective as a volunteer. The Collective definition is an organization that merely facilitates the collaborative efforts of patient and caregiver members. So we are building an organization as a “Collective” Not for profit.  There are people out there that grow and others that are in need of cannabis that do not. Our organization is made of volunteers. We do this to fund our educational website and learning organization in Orange County.
There are many choices for people today for cannabis. We do research and help people find out about what matters in developing products, services and the evolving cannabis laws. Help us help others by sharing your knowledge and resources for others to learn about. We will be doing articles and placement on or site for sponsors and products contact us for more info.

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